Basic information

History and tradition

Founded in 1958 originally as a vocational training centre for Aero Vodochody aircraft factory and in 1980 converting into four-year secondary school specializing in machinery our school has been providing education of aviation and machinery specialists, primarily in area of aircraft design, production and maintenance for over 50 years.

Fast development of the school in the 1980īs reflects international reputation Czech aviation industry gained in that period, particularly great success of L29, L39 and L59 aircraft manufactured in the neighbouring Aero Vodochody.



The school is now trying to follow this tradition by introducing new study programmes, keeping up-to-date with latest progress in aviation and ICT, modernizing interior and equipment to suit needs of contemporary students, implementing new teaching methods and subjects as well as offering its students range of free-time activities like sports events, interest groups (RC model flying, Flight simulation etc.) or entertainment.

Location of the school only a few kilometres from the capital city Prague and in sight distance from runway 28 of an international airport Vodochody makes it ideal choice for young people interested in aviation and industry.

Students coming from more distant areas can stay at the school hostel offering full boarding services.

As the only public school in Czech republic our school has been awarded certification for educating aircraft mechanics according to EU standards


Study programmes

Our study programmes include:

- Aircraft mechanics (four-year study programme finished by Maturita exam)
Graduates of this programme are prepared to work as aircraft mechanics as well as continue their training to become aircraft engineers, designers, pilots etc.

- Information technology (four-year study programme finished by Maturita exam)
Graduates of this programme are prepared to work as network administrators, webmasters, graphic designers, IT specialists etc. They can continue to study IT at a college.

- Machinery (four-year study programme finished by Maturita exam)
Students of this programme choose from two specializations - either Computer applications or Aircraft production. About 70 % of the graduates continu to stiudy at a university.

- Three-year vocational training programme in Machinery, Locksmithing or Tinsmithing - all focused on aircraft industry.